Stille Wateren (2009)

a radiophonic installation for laptop, low power radio transmitter and portable FM radios

"Moar bie stille woaters
mout men daipte roaden."

From "Stil Woater", Simon van Wattum

Listen to a sound impression of the installation:

"Stille Wateren" is inspired in part by Deleuze and Guattari's concept of the "rhizome", a term they use to describe a system of entry and exit points in a collection of data. These entry points are multiple, non-linear and non-hierarchical and as such are opposed to a concept of knowledge and experience which deals with dualist categories and binary choices.

The rhizome is also invisible, hidden, subterranean life. An environment which, like the depth of water in Simon van Wattum's poem, is cloudy, almost unfathomable.

"Stille Wateren" uses the sounds of water recorded in three places: Symi (Greece), Inis Eoghain (Ireland) and East Groningen (The Netherlands) and disperses them into radiophonic space. The space is a non-linear window on time, a window in which things happen pseudo-randomly; simultaneously, sequentially, as "negatives" of themselves.

This project was supported and funded by: