Peter O’Doherty (1973, Derry/Ireland) is a composer and sound artist. He makes work for and with human performers, computers and (sound) objects. His work often focuses on memory, time, language and the relationship between text, code and performance.

He is interested in collaborative practices and in finding new ways to engage non-professionals in creative activity.

His music and sound works have been performed and in Ireland, Scotland, the former Yugoslavia, Finland and The Netherlands and his texts published in several publications, including Found Poetry Review.

Under the rubric of what could be called the “expanded field” of composition, I produce work that falls into several categories:


Often constructed with the aid of computational algorithms, to be interpreted (mostly) by human performers.


Using voice, (in)animate objects and electronics.

Electroacoustic music

Composed invariably using software and diffused in performance using multi-channel audio playback systems.


Constructed and assembled with the assistance of algorithms; performed verbally, or in written form.